Monday, March 23, 2009

Lancet Conferences: Influenza in the Asia-Pacific

Following its conference in 2006, The Lancet & The Lancet Infectious Diseases are hosting a conference (*Preparing for Influenza: From Strategy to Operation*) in Qingdao, China from 21-23 August 2009 to explore the latest research and debate the most effective steps for seasonal and pandemic influenza preparedness in the Asia-Pacific region. This is a great opportunity to discover new developments and strategies for influenza prevention specific to the Asia-Pacific context.

Major issues to be discussed include:
The impact of virus strain evolution and pandemic preparedness;

Up-to-date scientific insight into the influenza virus;

Updates on multimodal strategies to prevent and treat pandemic influenza;

Perspectives and discussion on the future of seasonal influenza control;

Public health and operation strategies to bring about change within the Asia-Pacific region

To take advantage of discounted early bird registration rates, you must register by May 31, 2009. Early bird registration fees range from USD150 to USD450. For more information and links to registration, please visit:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vietnam: Quiet(er) on the Front

After a flurry of avian influenza activity in 2009, Vietnam is experiencing a moment of calm.

Three weeks without new bird cases have led to the removal of three provinces from the list of Vietnamese provinces with active H5N1 infection.

With a recent surge of H5N1 infections appearing in 8 provinces, this present lull is good news for the Vietnamese Ministry of Health. Health officials plan to use this time to generate new strategies to control animal disease outbreaks. Five new working groups have been established just this week to specifically focus on containing H5N1 outbreaks and foot-and-mouth disease.

For more information, go to DNI Daily Digest.