Friday, June 1, 2007

16th Province with H5N1 in Vietnam

New H5N1 outbreaks have occurred in Vietnam, the latest in the central province of Quang Nam and the southern province of Can Tho. These outbreaks bring the number of Vietnamese provinces affected by avian influenza since last month to 16 .

Most outbreaks in Vietnam occur in the densely populated Red River and Mekong River deltas in the north and south, respectively. Until now, only two provinces in the central region had outbreaks.

Because H5N1 outbreaks, particularly those involving waterfowl, are more likely to occur in areas near fresh water, it is no surprise that these outbreaks are concentrated around the Red River and Mekong River delta regions. However, the reasons why the virus in the last month has appeared in areas like the central region or the mountains of the northwest, which are neiter densely populated nor rich in bodies of fresh water, remain unclear.

Bird flu hits 16 provinces in Vietnam
Map of Vietnam's Provinces

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