Monday, August 13, 2007

Indonesia’s 103th Bird Flu Case Confirmed in Bali

A story that's making a lot of headlines, the first human H5N1 case in Bali.

From the official Komnas website in Indonesia:

"Jakarta, August 13, 2007 - Ministry of Health - A female bead-embroidery worker, “NLP” (F, 29 years old) from Tukad Aya Hamlet, Negara sub district, Jembrana District, Bali Province was confirmed as Indonesia’s most recent human H5N1 case. The tests conducted by the Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Health and the Eijkman Insitute in Jakarta on August 12, 2007 and August 13, 2007, respectively, confirmed that “NLP” is infected by the H5N1 virus. “NLP” is the 82th fatalities in the country and is the first human bird flu case confirmed in Bali. There are 12 provinces that have recorded human bird flu cases with the total number of 103 confirmed human H5N1 and 82 fatalities. With this case, the human H5N1 case fatality rates now stands at 79.6%, which means from 5 people infected by bird flu, only 1 person survives."

Conflicting reports are popping up about the victim's daughter. Some reports say she has also tested postive, others say she's negative. We'll wait until we get a very reliable source to post.

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