Friday, April 4, 2008

H5N1 returns to South Korea

South Korea recently experienced its first outbreak in poultry this year and it's coming later than usual:

"It is the first time an infection of the highly pathogenic strain of bird flu has been reported this late in the year here. So far in Korea, highly pathogenic bird flu cases were only reported between November and February. Authorities have linked the later outbreak to climate change.
The deadly H5N1 strain can affects humans and even kill them if they come in contact with infected birds.

Authorities will cull 308,000 chickens and destroy eggs at seven farms within 500 m from the infected farm. The first bird flu case was reported in Korea in 2003. No human victims have been reported. Between 2003 and March this year, 372 people were infected and 235 died in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines and Thailand. "

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