Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Smuggling & Cockfighting: Poultry Underworld Threatens Biosecurity

Bali/Indonesia: The first case of human H5N1 infection since 2007 has reappeared in Bali. The 20-year old patient is from Badung, a region famous for underground cockfighting. Infected poultry had been detected in Badung the week prior, and Balinese authorities have speculated that the transportation of live poultry into Bali from the mainland for the purposes of cockfighting is a likely culprit for the recent surge of H5N1 in fowl. Both cockfighting and unlicensed live animal transportation are banned by the government. However, cockfighting is a heavily traditional Balinese activity and remains prevalent on the island despite government regulations. Both poultry smuggling and cockfighting represent a threat to biosecurity, since illegal handlers are less likely to screen sick poultry and follow bird flu precautionary measures.

For more information, go to Chen Qi- A Morning Fresh Breeze and CrofsBlog.

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