Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CDC: Interim Guidance for Public Gatherings (H1N1)

Decisions should be made based on local influenza activity, evolving information about severity of illness from this virus, and identification of high risk groups, and other local considerations.

CDC generally recommends that:
  1. Persons with influenza-like illness (ILI) (i.e. fever with cough or sore throat) should stay home for 7 days after illness onset or 24 hours after symptoms cease, whichever is longer. See additional guidance for persons with ILI.
  2. Persons at high risk of complications H1N1 (e.g. persons with chronic medical conditions, children <5,>65, and pregnant women) should consider avoiding public gatherings in communities with reported cases of H1N1.
  3. All persons should use appropriate respiratory and hand hygiene precautions.
  4. Large public gatherings offer an opportunity for public health officials and event organizers to deliver key educational messages about measures attendees can take to help reduce the spread of H1N1 (e.g. the need to remain home if ill, use good hygiene practices while at the event).

Additional Measures

  1. Make widely available at the event hand washing facilities with soap and running water, hand sanitizer, and tissues.
  2. Provide on-site medical assessment and care for persons with ILI.
  3. Provide alternative options and venues for participation (e.g., remote Web-based viewing sites) and reduce crowding.

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