Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Novel H1N1 vaccine trials begin today in Australia

From ABC News in Australia, pandemic vaccine trials start in Adelaide today.

"Rachel David from vaccine makers CSL says the Royal Adelaide Hospital trials will take about seven months, but there will be enough data by September for the Government to start planning distribution in October.

"I think what the chief medical officer in Canberra has been saying in terms of October is quite reasonable," she said.

There will be 240 volunteers between 18 and 64 split into two groups.

Dr David says one group of volunteers will get a single dose of the vaccine.

"The other group is going to receive a double dose," she said, adding that the company is not concerned about the risk of side effects.

"Three weeks after today, they're going to have their blood tested to see what sort of response, or immune response, they've had to that vaccine.

"Sometimes with these brand new strains that start circulating, you need a higher dose to get a decent immune response."

A trial on children aged from six months to nine years will start at Adelaide's Women's and Children's Hospital next month."

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