Wednesday, April 25, 2007

WHO Stockpiles for the Poor

As WHO considers stockpiling 60 million bird flu vaccine doses to be used in developing countries, the world's most affected nations hope to benefit. Many nations hit hardest by the virus, including Indonesia and Thailand, frequently share samples of the H5N1 virus with the international community. These samples are often used to develop vaccines that are too costly for these countries to purchase for themselves. Therefore, this stockpile may be viewed as a long awaited return on an investment. While WHO officials declare the stockpiling feat "feasible," questions remain in regard to the funding of this task.

With this article, and others like it, we remain hopeful that vulnerable populations will remain in the forefront of our minds as we prepare for a possible pandemic influenza.For further details, view the full article:

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aprile, your friendly neighborhood avian influenza intern said...

In addition, there are also reports that the WHO will allocate $2.5 million USD in donations to six countries (...I believe Thailand, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil and Mexico) to help each country's vaccine production.

Hooray for equity!