Friday, May 16, 2008

Indonesia says it will share bird flu information

On Thursday, Indonesia announced that it will start sharing all information about bird flu with a new global database after a year long boycott of the WHO's virus sharing system.

"Experts said participation by Indonesia, the country hardest hit by avian influenza, will be a great help after its yearlong boycott of the World Health Organization's virus sharing system.
China, Russia and other nations that have withheld virus samples and genetic data are taking part as well, saying it offers transparency and, for the first time, basic protection of intellectual property rights.
With nearly half the 240 human deaths recorded worldwide, Indonesia is seen by many scientists as a potential hotspot for a pandemic. But its health minister started withholding virus samples and data from the WHO in January 2007. She feared that pharmaceutical companies would use it to make vaccines her people could not afford."

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Two siblings died of suspected bird-flu on May 4 and May 14 in Indonesia with another sibling being treated for bird flu like symptoms. Bird-flu has not been confirmed as the cause of death as the government needs time to confirm suspected cases.
Via The Jakarta Post

Hopefully, with the collaboration of more nations, a comprehensive database will be able to provide valuable information on the mutation and transmission of AI.

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