Friday, May 9, 2008

WHO is updating Pandemic Preparedness Guidelines

WHO is just wrapping up a 3 day meeting where experts are working on updates for the pandemic preparedness guidlines.

"Since 2005, there have been scientific advances, such as the development of H5N1 vaccines and greater experience with clinical treatment of H5N1 cases. Moreover, legal developments such as the entry into force of the new International Health Regulations will influence how Member States and WHO respond to potential and actual pandemic influenza threats.

Working groups will focus on areas such as disease control, surveillance, medical interventions, non-medical interventions (such as continuation of emergency services, organization of mass gatherings and school closures) and the role of communications during an influenza pandemic. Once the content is agreed upon, new draft guidelines will be circulated for comment. The guidelines are expected to be published by the end of 2008."

I'm glad to see this happening, but I hope we get to see drafts before the end of the year!

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