Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CARE works with government to respond to HPAI outbreak in Lao PDR

In a recent outbreak of HPAI in Sayabouli District, Sayabouli Province in Lao PDR, CARE has been working closely with government partners in outbreak response, including the following activities:

-Broadcasting information avian influenza prevention via loud speaker to every morning and evening at both Nator and Simeuang markets and distributing IEC (information, education and communication) materials.

Radio & Television
- Ensuring provincial radio and television are using IEC materials for daily broadcasts
- Writing updates on the current situation for announcement on provincial radio

Community awareness activities
- Conducting awareness raising activities in yellow zone villages
- Conducting community awareness activities in 5 schools in the red zone

- CARE has provided their truck for use in transportation of dead poultry (appropriate biosecurity measures are being followed)

Surveillance and reporting
- CARE staff are looking for and reporting any additional poultry die offs as they conduct awareness raising activities in communities and markets and encouraging market traders and community members to report

Community members and traders are appreciative and interested in information. Some of the questions being asked include:

- How do you prevent AI?
- Can we still eat eggs?
- When can we resume normal trading?
- Does AI spread to other mammals?
- Where was the first H5N1 virus found? How did it spread to Laos?
- When will the virus disappear from Laos?

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