Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Saying thanks to the NGOs working in avian and pandemic flu

Michael Coston, who writes the popular blog Avian Flu Diary, gave thanks and shout outs to people and institutions around the world working to prevent and mitigate an influenza pandemic. CARE, Save the Children and the Red Cross were the three NGOs he called out!

"As we head into this short Thanksgiving Holiday week it is a good time to give thanks to those who are out there, trying to make a difference in this battle against the pandemic flu threat. You may know some of these people by name, and some by the organizations they represent, while others you may not be aware of at all...So, in no particular order, a tip of the hat and a world of thanks go to...There are also many NGO's, or non-governmental agencies, like American Red Cross, CARE, and Save The Children that are working to prevent or prepare for a pandemic as well.

(Each of the aforementioned organizations has a pandemic flu page: Red Cross, CARE, Save The Children.) "

Thanks for the the recognition Michael!

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FLA_MEDIC said...


Thanks for the mention.

I've highlighted your blog in my blog today, and have added you to my sidebar.


Happy Holidays, and keep up the good work!