Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Human H5N1 Cases in Egypt

Two new human cases of H5N1 have appeared in Egypt since 2009. Behind Indonesia and Vietnam, Egypt has the third highest number of human cases of AI in the world. These two most recent cases bring the overall tally of human H5N1 infections in Egypt to 53.

Shebin Elkom District: A 2-year old girl developed influenza symptoms on January 23rd; she was admitted to a local hospital the same day and treated with Tamiflu. Laboratory diagnostics confirmed influenza A H5N1 infection, and the mother verified that the girl had previous contact with sick poultry. Health authorities reported the girl to be in stable condition on January 26th.

Kerdasa District: A 21-month old infant was brought in to a local hospital on January 10th after developing influenza symptoms one day earlier. Tamiflu administration followed diagnostics confirming infection with H5N1 on January 12th. The girl was reported to be stable and recovering on January 14th. Although the infant's family admitted to keeping sick, unvaccinated poultry that died the previous week, none of the other family members tested positive for H5N1.

Source: Strengthening Avian Influenza Detection & Response (SAIDR)

For more information, see the World Health Organization: Situation in Egypt

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