Monday, January 12, 2009

Update: Human Cases in China & Vietnam

No further spread of the virus in Beijing, say Chinese health officials:

After a 19-year old woman died from AI on January 5 (the first such death since 2003), the Chinese authorities took swift action placing under medical observation 200 people that had been in close contact with her. Today, they discharged all 200 contacts with no further reports of AI-related illness. Also today, Chinese health workers completed a survey of 358,820 high-risk target groups in Beijing, including migrant workers and those involved in poultry farming, slaughtering, and sales - finding no sign of AI-related symptoms.

See related article from China View:

Similar case-contact observation turns up negative results in Vietnam, but mass poultry deaths reported in 6 of 12 villages in young victim's commune

Vietnamese officials recently released 37 people from medical observation after they came into contact with an 8-year-old girl infected with AI (currently recovering at hospital), saying they show no signs of the illness. However, the young girl's sister died recently after the 8-year-old became infected. Officials cannot confirm if the sister's death was AI-related. No case-contact surveillance and observation has been reported for contacts of the second young girl.

Health officials have reported that 6 of 12 villages in the young girls' commune in Thanh Hoa Province have had mass poultry deaths in the past month. Further investigation is ongoing.

More on the story can be found at Thanhnien News:

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