Friday, April 16, 2010

Bangladesh: Confirmed H5N1 Outbreaks in Poultry, Narayangonj and Mymensingh

Following active surveillance, outbreaks of H5N1 were observed:
  1. On 7 April 2010 in Mymensingh District, Dhaka division,where 4 out of 123 backyard poultry died. The rest of the poultry were culled.
  2. On 11 April 2010, when three outbreaks occurred at threebackyard poultry in Araihazar Upazila. Narayangonj District, Dhaka division and 3,136 out of 10,700 died. The rest of the chickens were culled.
The farms are clustered in the same area (the distance from each other being 10-15 meters).

Narayangonj District last reported four outbreaks in March 2007.


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