Tuesday, October 16, 2007

12 year old boy dies of H5N1 in Tangerang

The 12 year old boy with H5N1 in Tangerang, a city near Jakarta, passed away this weekend.

"The child, identified as Irfan, was brought to a local midwife on Oct. 3 after suffering from fever for three days, Head of Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Section at the Tangerang District Health Office dr Yuliah Iskandar said on Monday.As his health condition deteriorated, Irfan was later transferred to Tangerang Regional Hospital where he underwent a medical test on Oct. 8, Yuliah said.He was later moved to Persahabatan Hospital in Jakarta on Oct. 9 for further medical treatment as he had tested positive for bird flu based on the result of a laboratory test conducted by the Health Research and Development Agency and the Eijkmann Institute, she said.To anticipate the possible spread of the H5N1 virus in the area, the district health office had sent officers to Ceger village to take samples of the blood of Irfan`s relatives and neighbors, she said.Yuliah said Irfan did not have contact with dead chicken before being infected with the bird flu virus. Neither did his parents raise poultry in their backyard."But there is backyard poultry about 500 meters from the victim`s house," she said."

From Antara News: http://www.antara.co.id/en/arc/2007/10/15/ai-takes-another-life-in-tangerang/

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