Monday, October 22, 2007

Indonesia's reported 89th H5N1 death NOT H5N1, says Minister of Health

A young girl, testing positive for H5N1 after an initial test, was said to be Indonesia's 89th human death from H5N1. However, after a second test was performed, the Ministry of Health is now reporting that she did not die of H5N1, though they have not reported an alternate cause of death.

"The 10-year-old was admitted to hospital on Saturday suffering symptoms that led doctors to suspect she could be carrying the H5N1 virus ..."

If the ministry result is positive, a second test is carried out at a separate laboratory before a patient is confirmed as infected with bird flu in Indonesia.

The young girl's aunt, who presented with similar symptoms, also died over the weekend.

Full story, via H5N1 blog:;_ylt=A9G_Rz3P0hxHFEcBjiWTvyIi

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