Monday, October 8, 2007

Indonesia: Holidaymakers to help spread the word on H5N1 prevention

During the Idul Fitri holidays, more than 25 million Indonesians are expected to travel to their hometowns, many from Jakarta. The USAID-funded Community-Based Avian Influenza Control (CBAIC) program capitalized on the opportunity by approaching travelers at bus stations and terminals in Jakarta to encourage them to talk to their family members in their hometowns about avian influenza and ways to prevent its spread.

In addition, CBAIC provided the Primajasa bus company, which travels to many of the provinces affected by H5N1, with 21,000 seat covers containing a quiz and more detailed information about prevention of H5N1. CBAIC hopes this strategy will encourage discussion about H5N1 and spread prevention methods from urban centers to more rural areas.

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