Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How did H5N1 spread to humans in Pakistan? WHO says it could be a mix

From Reuters -

"The eight suspect human bird flu cases in Pakistan are likely a combination of infections from poultry and limited person to person transmission due to close contact, a top World Health Organisation expert said on Tuesday. Keiji Fukuda, coordinator of WHO's global influenza programme, said while unconfirmed, any human to human spread seemed similar to previous outbreaks in Thailand and Indonesia -- affecting close family members caring for sick loved ones.There was no immediate cause for alarm and the United Nations agency was not raising its level of pandemic alert for the time being, he said, adding it was very reassuring that "we are not seeing large increases in the number of cases"

Meanwhile, CIDRAP is reporting that 30 contacts of the index cases were tested as a precaution and all have tested negative, which is very good news.

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