Monday, December 17, 2007

What's going on in Pakistan?

There's a lot of news coming out of Pakistan right now and it makes for a very confusing story. Here are the basic facts so far:

1. A WHO team is on the ground to investigate possible human to human transmission since there is a cluster of cases involving relatives

2. The clusters appear to be from a small town in northern Pakistan, four brothers and two of their cousins were/are suspected of being infected. Two of the brothers passed away. Two others from the same town, a man and his neice, are also suspected cases.

3. WHO has announced there are 8 suspected cases, but further testing is still needed for confirmation.

4. There are reports that the brothers were involved in chicken culling and/or were studying at a vetrinary school, but the details are still sketchy. Simillarly, there are reports that the man and his neice had also been involved in slaughtering poultry

5. There was a relative from the U.S. that attended one of the funerals and, when he returned home, voluntarily reported to a doctor and quarantined himself. CDC reported that he tested negative (100% sure)

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