Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New human cases in Vietnam and Indonesia

Indonesia has reported its 120th human case of H5N1. This time, instead of being a villager, poultry vendor, child, etc, the case involves a sales executive.

"A 30-year-old man from Tangerang has been confirmed as the latest case of bird flu in the country. The sales executive at an automotive company, identified only as GR, was initially treated at Honoris Hospital in Tangerang on Jan. 18 and referred to Persahabatan Hospital two days later. He was sent to the hospital with a fever, cough, breathing difficulties, a decreasing white blood cell level, a reduced blood platelet count and symptoms of pneumonia. "

Meanwhile, 3 children in West Java have been hospitalized with suspected H5N1 after mass poultry die offs in their village

A new human case looks likely in Vietnam

"Bird flu may have killed a 32-year-old Vietnamese man in a northern province where the virus has been found in poultry, state-run media and a government report said on Tuesday.
The man died at a Hanoi hospital of pneumonia earlier this month, two days after he had been taken in from Tuyen Quang province, the hospital's deputy director Nguyen Hong Ha was quoted by the online VTC News newspaper ( as saying.
The man fell ill on Jan. 16 after eating chicken which had died of unknown cause. Dead chicken and white-winged ducks were also found near his house, the newspaper quoted a relative as saying."

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