Friday, January 4, 2008

Poultry die from H5N1 in petting zoo in Israel

A disturbing story from Israel News...

"The Haifa District Physician, Prof. Shmuel Rishpon, confirmed Thursday that a deadly strain of the bird flu virus has infected chickens at a petting zoo in a Binyamina kindergarten.

Earlier Thursday morning 18 of the 25 chickens in the kindergarten's petting zoo, were found dead.
"The virus was identified as H5N1 bird flue," said Rishpon, adding that humans that contract this strain have only a 50% survival rate.

Rishpon commended the kindergarten teacher for her decision not to discard the dead chickens but rather to call a veterinarian, who sent samples of the poultry's blood to the Health Ministry for further testing.

"The kindergarten staff has been given preventive medicines and as far as we know, none of the children or their parents came in contact with the birds.

"The virus can only be transmitted by direct contact," he added. "We have alerted the hospitals in the area to look out for any children or adults coming in with bird flu-like symptoms.",7340,L-3489988,00.html

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