Thursday, January 3, 2008

Who gets vaccines during a pandemic? CIDRAP says protect the supply chain

Now that many countries have some semblance of plan in place related to a pandemic, whether it's preparing for a pandemic or policies and procedures during a pandemic, many experts are looking to the non-health related consequences of a severe pandemic, especially with regards to the economy and availability of goods and services

Around the world, businesses rely on a "just in time" supply chain, which would be extremely vulnerable to disruptions. Therefore, in a recent four page commentary on the guidance the US Govt is providing on vaccine allocation, the experts at CIDRAP are strongly urging that the government focus on critical products and services (such as electricity) and vaccinate those workers over even children.

"We recommend:
  • Continued efforts should be made to identify and quantify personnel
    essential for maintaining critical product and service supply chains, on
    both US soil and abroad.
  • Continued efforts should be made to identify goods and products that are
    critical to the US.
  • Personnel critical to maintaining these supply chains should have priority
    over the general population, including children."

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