Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CARE Vietnam featured by The Communications Initiative

The Communications Initiative will feature CARE Vietnam's approaches to AI community mobilization and surveillance in the next installment of its e-magazine The Drum Beat, which has more than 40,000 monthly subscribers.

From The Drum Beat:
"This report describes and evaluates the strategies shaping a community-based
surveillance initiative developed by CARE Vietnam in an effort to improve the
detection and reporting of avian influenza (AI). Mobilising and building the
capacity of volunteers are hallmarks of this public health approach. As part of
Targeting the Risk of Avian Influenza Now (TRAIN), local partners at the
administrative levels closest to communities - village, commune, and district -
take the lead in implementing surveillance activities."

The Communications Initiative is a network of wide-ranging partnerships to foster information sharing "between the people and organisations engaged in or supporting communication as a fundamental strategy for economic and social development and change"

You can read The Communications Initiative coverage of the CARE Vietnam program here:

You can access the full report on CARE Vietnam's Community-Based Surveillance model here:

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