Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Zealand confirms 3 cases of swine flu

New Zealand's Health Minister confirmed at least 3 of the students with suspected swine flu had the virus. More confirmed cases are expected. So far, however, the illnesses have been mild.

From Reuters:

"New Zealand said on Tuesday it had at least three confirmed cases of swine flu among a school group that had recently visited Mexico and was expecting more.

Minister of Health Tony Ryall said a World Health Organisation laboratory in Australia had tested three samples out of 11 and confirmed they had the H1N1 flu strain.

"Officials have informed me that is sufficient to indicate that swine flu is the cause of the illness experienced by the group," Ryall told a news conference.

Tests on a fourth sample were under way, but the three positive tests were being taken as an indication the others had also contracted swine flu.

Ryall said all those affected appeared to have only mild symptoms and had been responding to treatment.

"All 11 are recovering at home," he said."


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