Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CDC Daily Briefing: 5 Confirmed US Hospitilizations Related to Swine Flu

Dr. Besser reported that cases continue to be confirmed at the state level but that CDC will only be updated their case counts once a day. CDC's lab-confirmed case count for the US stands at 64. The median age of those infected in the US is 16 years, with a range from 7 to 54. Symptoms seem to be lasting between 2 to 5 days and most remain mild. However, CDC is are confirming that there are 5 US hospitlizations related to the Swine Flu:

California: 3
Texas: 2

(Note: unofficially, earlier cases identified in these states were all reported to have recovered, so these are assumedly new cases)

CDC did not release any information about the 5 individuals, when they became symptomatic, their age, co-infections, or chronic medical conditions. They told media to contact State Health Department officials who are investigating those cases.

Besser also noted that we still dont know why Mexico is seeing more severe cases. That's still the most critical epidemiological question that will help determine outbreak response and preparedness for further outbreaks. He noted many possibilities for the variation, but said concrete answers are still forthcoming.

Given the continued rise in case counts, CDC may be moving in the following days to describing state-level situations and disease clusters instead of individual case counts.

Please see the CDC website for more information (the transcript from today's briefing should be available shortly): http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu/press/

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