Monday, April 6, 2009

Indonesia: Cluster of 6 Suspected Human H5N1 Cases Under Control

In Bandung, West Java over the weekend, six people, ranging in age from 14 months to 65 years, were admitted to the Hasan Sadikin Hospital after presenting with flu-like symptoms three days after contact with poultry confirmed to have H5N1.

A family of five reportedly cooked and consumed the sick poultry, which was owned by their neighbor. Animal health officials noted that the sick poultry was "dead around the neighborhood" and confirmed to have H5N1.

All six patients are recovering. Four patients are receiving Tamiflu treatment at home. The remaining two patients (25-year old father and 14-month-old child) are still being treated and held for observation at the hospital. They reportedly had the most severe symptoms and closest interaction with the sick poultry.

While cultures and blood samples were collected from all suspected H5N1 cases yesterday, no results have been released by officials.

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